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Dust and mold are natural occurrences in all atmospheres and are a continual source of maintenance.  Cleaning your air systems is a good start in the right direction toward cleaner and healthier living.

Below are further suggestions for reducing dust and mold in your home:

  1. *Use a high efficiency air filter in furnace to protect your home and your health.
  2. *Install Central HEPA Air Purifiers to remove lung damaging particles from the air; (mold spores, bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins, pollens, dust mites, chemical vapors).
  3. *Install UV Germicidal Bulbs in the air system to kill viruses and molds that linger in the air and pose serious health risks.
  4. *Always use a HEPA vacuum when vacuuming any surface to avoid re-circulating any contaminates.  Regular vacuums can actually create excessive contaminates in your air.
  5. Always use exhaust fans during showers and cooking to remove excess moisture.
  6. *Decontaminate crawl space regularly to hinder mold growth.
  7. *Remove or seal any fiberglass ducts to reduce fiberglass particles.
  8. Keep all carpets cleaned and sanitized regularly, consider replacing any worn carpets with tile, or wood.
  9. Check all gas appliances, water heater and gas logs for proper burning and carbon monoxide levels.
  10. Do not use chemical cleaning compounds with VOCís.  Substitute with less hazardous chemicals.
  11. Seal all cleaning agents when not in use to reduce volatile organic compounds.
  12. Properly ventilate attic and crawlspace to avoid moisture problems.
  13. *Replace all cotton sheets with allergy bedding.
  14. *Install Central Dehumidifiers to keep relative humidity below 55% which stops the reproduction of dust mites and hinders mold growth and odors.
  15. 2x a year wipe down all hard surfaces with 10/1 water/bleach solution to reduce bacteria and mold.
  16. HEPA clean ceiling fan blades at least monthly.
  17. No smoking in house.
  18. No candle burning in house Ė carbon black and chemicals can enter your lungs.
  19. Exterminate regularly for insects.
  20. Seal all doors, windows, wall plates, and wall plugs to stop dust intrusion.
  21. *Seal any spaces around air registers to stop mold and mildew intrusion.
  22. Use entrance mats at all doors.  This will reduce dirt and dust levels when entering the house.
  23. Seal attic access door properly to stop fiberglass infiltration.
  24. Consider replacing fabric furniture with leather furniture to reduce dust and dust mites.
  25. Remove any fabric curtains or shades and replace with plastic or wood to reduce dust and dust mites.
  26. *Sanitize air systems regularly to inhibit bacteria and mold growth.
  27. *Clean and sanitize evaporator coils regularly to reduce mold, mildew and bacteria.
  28. Check all plumbing for any type of leak and fix immediately.  Excessive moisture breeds mold and mildew.
  29. Clean and maintain existing humidifiers.
  30. Make sure that water, downspouts, and sprinklers are draining properly away from your home - damp crawlspaces can contaminate walls, floors, insulation and air systems with molds and mildews.
  31. Avoid doing lawn work with windows open.
  32. *Have dryer vent cleaned yearly to avoid excessive dust and moisture in your home.
  33. Replace old mattresses 10 yr. or older.  They become weighted down with dust mites and cannot be cleaned.
  34. If you have animals, brush them frequently, outdoors.  This will reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into the house.




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