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Clean Air Technologies has been an Indoor Air Quality Specialist contractor for over 24 years and has completed over 25,000 cleaning projects. Through ongoing research and development Clean Air Technologies has become a leader in the Charlotte area in diagnosing and solving problems associated with contaminated indoor air. We take pride in our services, customer satisfaction, and guarantee our work.

Clean Air Technologies is a member of NARI, NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association), and is a certified ASCS (Air System Cleaning Specialist) and CMR (Certified Mold Remeditator). Clean Air Technologies has also been a member of good standing with the BBB for over 14 years.

Clean Air Technologies is licensed, bonded and carries liability as well as full workers compensation insurance on all employees working for Clean Air. Our service is at the highest quality, satisfaction is guaranteed, our prices are competitive and our estimates are FREE.

Our services include:

Expert air duct cleaning and sanitizing - to remove harmful pollutants from your home or business.

Central air purifiers - to eliminate lung damaging particles from the air you breath.

Ultraviolight air sanitizers - to destroy viruses and bacteria that affect your health.

Hospital quality allergy filters - to keep your house allergy resistant..

Air-O-Cell Mold testing - tells all about mold spores in your air; type, size and number of harmful mycotoxins.

Laser particle counting - Professional report to check for normal amounts of particulate in your air.

Radiant barrier systems - attic coating that lowers your attic temperature saving you money and adding to the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Anti-microbial duct coatings - to seal in dangerous fiberglass particles in air duct systems, also resists mold growth..

Fiber optic inspections - so you can actually see what is lurking inside your air ducts and air systems.

Dryer vent cleaning - to prevent fires and save on utilities (also lessens drying time).

Showroom - 7201 Cherry Tripp Dr., Charlotte, NC 28212

Carbon monoxide alarms - to protect your family from deadly and odorless gas.

Air duct replacement - to replace damaged, contaminated, inefficient air ducts with new, sanitary and efficient ducts.

Crawl space sanitizing - to reduce dangerous mold and mildew from entry in your home.

Register duct seal - to prevent humid germ laden air from entering your home.

Evaporator coil pressure washing - to increase A/C efficiency and stop harmful molds and bacteria from growing inside your air system.

Cubby Vac HEPA vacuums - to keep your home's furnishings and carpet clean on a daily basis.

Replacement filter service - keeps track of your filter sizes and automatically sends to your home hospital grade allergy filter(s) every 3 months.


Clean Air Technologies specializes in residential projects but has also completed numerous commercial projects such as Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, Belks, Federal Courthouse, AT&T, banks, medical offices, federal, state, and community buildings.

Clean Air Technologies has been a leader in recognizing and solving the concerns relating to unhealthy air.  We are committed to educating consumers on the advantage (value) of health and efficiency in their living and working environments and helping to reduce the harmful contaminants from the air they breathe.

In the last 5 years Clean Air has seen strong growth through diligent management, new technology, and aggressive marketing in the Indoor Air Quality field. Clean Air has a full staff and 7 service trucks to meet their customerís health and efficiency needs.

We welcome your questions concerning indoor air quality and its relation to the debilitating respiratory diseases. Go to our FAQ page to find answers to frequently asked questions, or post your own unique questions to receive a personal response.

Our office and showroom is located near the intersection of Village Lake Drive and Independence Blvd (behind the CVS pharmacy).  Clean Air Technologies, Inc. serves Charlotte and the area in a 100 mile radius.           MAP OF LOCATION



Clean Air of Charlotte

7201 Cherry Tripp Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28212
Phone: 704-569-4565
Fax: 704-569-4591