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2-Ply Dacron filters: Better than pleated and electrostatic.






Our commercial grade allergy filters are provided exclusively to our customers at one low price per filter.  ALL stock sizes are $15.00 + tax (Shipping & handling is applicable if mailed).  Most sizes in stock for every home or business.  Custom fitting is free of charge!  Filters last approx. 3 months and work at peak effeciency the whole time.  Our Auto Filter Service (AFS) works like this:  When you are due for your filters we automatically ship them directly to you and when they show up at your door you know it is time to change them (Credit Card/Pre-Payment required for this service).  OR  Choose our free reminder service:  Approx. 1-2 weeks before the schedualed change date you will receive a postcard stating the upcoming change date so you can call and order or come by our office and pick them up.  The FREE Auto filter Service (AFS) is availible by specific request only. 

(HINT:  A popular trick is ordering a years worth of filters and receiving a  reminder via postcard, e-mail, or phone message throughout the year to change the filters on hand.  This saves shipping and handling charges on 3 shipments!) 

    What makes Clean Air filters so good?
BEST VALUE for your money - maximum filtration for least cost.
LASTS us to 4 Times Longer - than ordinary throw away filters.
MULTIPLE LAYERS instead of one - for better health, efficiency and  cleanliness.


  • Increased efficiency vs. paper framed panel and pleated filters.
  • Total utilization of filter face area as opposed to 70% or less with paper framed panel or pleated filters.
  • All-Synthetic fibers are unaffected by moisture of most corrosive atmospheres.
  • Integral gasket selvedge edge, and exclusive friction fit prevent dirty air bypass, and eliminate the need for additional hardware, or holdingclips.
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, and Non-Shedding.  Will not support bacteria, or mold growth, as with paper framed filters.
  • Unitized heavy-duty internal wire frame, and heat sealed, laminated construction eliminates filter collapse, fiber breakoff, and possible contamination carry-over.
  • Exceeds UL Class II Rating (Ref. R6378)






Clean Air of Charlotte

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Clean Air of Charlotte
Clean Air of Charlotte