Radiant Barrier Systems


  Cozier Comfort For You
People are very sensitive to radiant heat energy. That's why standing in direct sunlight, out of a breeze, feels so warm even if the air temperature is low.

In rooms painted with Radiance, about 30% of the radiant energy is reflected back to keep the room warm and the people in it cozier during cold weather.  During hot weather, the "radiant barrier effect" reverses; you stay cooler and more comfortable because about 30% of the radiant heat trying to enter from outside is blocked.

... The Comfort of Saving Money, Too.
Paint rooms in a home or building with Radiance, and you can turn the thermostat down (during heating season) or up (during air conditioning season) by 2-6 degrees.  Our homeowner customers tell us they're saving as much as $70 a month on heating/cooling bills.   Building owner/operators, of course, can save much more. 

Savings increase when Radiance is applied to all the interior walls and ceilings in a room. Remember: Radiance is the only paint that can pay for itself by helping reduce your heating/cooling costs year after year.